Thursday, November 5, 2009

Over the top and comfortable with it


Today, I had hoped to take some photographs of the Tudor Arms, that wonderful Tudor Revival building at East 107th and Carnegie. The subject came to mind when I learned that the building, which I had long assumed was just an old office structure, was to be rehabbed into a hotel. Bill barrow put it very nicely in his entry, Mysterious Eastside Building to Become Doubletree Hotel. Come lunch time, it was gray and raining, so my photographic excursion was cancelled.

Instead, I give you some photographs of some of the most wonderful (and over the top) houses in the East Boulevard neighborhood. The neighborhood is just to the east of Martin Luther King Boulevard, between Superior and St. Clair. These houses were built back at a time before the well-off moved up to the Heights.


The level of detail on this Swiss Chalet style house is impressive. I'd hate to think about keeping it painted.

Too much... something

I'm not sure what to say about this Colonial Revival. It might have worked a bit better before the second floor porch railing was built up.


Modern code requirements haven't been good to some of these tiny old porches. While the masonry is impressive, the second floor railing doesn't quite work. I'm not sure what would work.

House in Wade Park neighborhood


  1. I'm kind of fond of that green cylindrical tower guy we can only see half of.

  2. These pictures are phenomenal. I really enjoy how garish some of the colors are.

  3. Love this one. And I love riding/driving around these old streets.

  4. I love this neighborhood too. There's a dark and brooding brown (brick?) structure at East and 99th with large pillars in the front and boarded up windows. I would love to know the story on that one!