Friday, June 4, 2010

The Stanley Block condemnation notice

On Wednesday, I wrote about the Stanley Block, the 1870s stone-faced four story commercial building on Ontario Street that has been condemned. A reader was kind enough to forward the condemnation notice to me - it is reproduced in full below.

As I read over the document, I see many code violations that clearly make the property unsafe for habitation. However, with the possible exception of the exterior mortar work, I don't see how the building poses a threat to the health and welfare of the pedestrian walking down Ontario. This important piece of our history isn't too far gone. We shouldn't allow it to be demolished because the current owner has chosen to neglect it. Our city's action for failure to maintain a piece of our built heritage should not be limited to forcing an owner to demolish a non-complying structure.

Stanley Block condemnation notice page 1

Stanley Block condemnation notice page 2

Stanley Block condemnation notice page 3

Stanley Block condemnation notice page 4

Stanley Block condemnation notice page 5

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  1. CBP--you are now on to the new way of getting commercial properties on the cheap--good old-fashioned stealing
    --step 1 condemn--step 2 demolish at tax payer expense--step 3 attach demo liens to building to pressure tax foreclosure--step 4 take owner to court--step 5 sell building for non-payment of tax liens for much less value than orignial commercial property...if the buyer is a special friend, then demo liens are waived. See the case of Frank Giglio et al.