Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cleveland Heights Heritage Home Tour archives

Ceruti residence

The other day, while I was trying to identify the architect for this house, at 2226 Chestnut Hills Drive, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, I came across a great resource: the Cleveland Heights Heritage Home Tour. The tour is a project of the Cleveland Heights Historical Society, which has run the tour annually since 1977.

The website includes 229 homes. One may sort by street, year of construction, and year that the house appeared on the tour. Each entry includes a considerable amount of background information about the house. This includes the architects who designed the structures and the families who commissioned them. Further, the entries usually describe the interior, which is especially useful, as most sources tend to focus on the exteriors of these historic buildings.

It's worth noting, as the above photograph suggests, that the home tour includes both historic and contemporary architecture of interest. I learned, thanks to the database, that this house, built in 2005, was designed by architect Thom Stauffer. It's worth noting that the house was also featured in the 2007 Cleveland Artists Foundation exhibit Cleveland Goes Modern.

This brochure on Cleveland Heights Landmarks may also be of interest. It provides a brief overview of some of the most interesting structures in the city, including many commerical and religious structures not included in the tour.

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  1. Ceruti House by Thome Stauffer Architects. Thome Stauffer is also a Kent State Architecture Professor and regularly takes his classes on tour their. They also reproduce the plans, sections, and elevations as practice in their first year of design studio.