Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Cold War Relic: The Sister Cities Rose Garden

Sister Cities Rose Carden

This wood sign is located on Park Drive, at the east end of Horseshoe Lake, in Shaker Heights. The sign and rose garden commemorates the joining of Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights and Volzhsky, U.S.S.R. as sister cities.

The presence of the garden indicated a change in political policy, which would lead to the fall of the Soviet Union less than three years after the sign was installed. I'm assuming, given Decembers being what they are in northern Ohio, that the sign was not installed until the following spring. (The official agreement was signed on December 5, 1988.)

It surprised me to see this sign, with a Soviet flag painted on it, still standing in 2010. I'm pleased that it's still here - it remains a monument to our history.

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