Monday, August 16, 2010

The John T. Gill Residence: Now With Less Vegetation!

John T. Gill residence

In my last post on the John T. Gill residence, a once grand Tudor style residence on Euclid Avenue, I enumerated the problems with finding someone to rehab the structure. One of the big problems was that you just couldn't see the house - there was simply too much vegetation obscuring the fa├žade.

I drove by recently and saw that much of the vegetation had been removed, as illustrated in the two photographs below.

John T. Gill residence

Note the detail in the faux Tudor elements, and in the form of the porch.

John T. Gill residence

Note also the beautiful stonework around the windows.

I'd assume that the porch needs work - I have yet to see one this age that doesn't either need work or that has had recent major work. But still, the porch is impressive. It would be quite a place to sit and relax on a rocking chair to take a break from work on the house.

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